My fitness journey is more than just a physical one and I have been up & down over the years.

A bit of a background, I was a much bigger girl growing up, and was picked on alot for being fat, big butt (now its the trend go figure) thunder thighs, chubby, you know the drill. I always played sport and have always been active / fitter than I looked but growing up I had an unhealthy relationship with food, carbs were the enemy, I would restrict certain foods, I would emotionally eat, paid no attention to how my body would feel and when I got my license you best believe I was in the drive throughs, I didn't really know any better. Some times I wish there was better education for younger people but thats a whole other story and path I would love to go down.

Whilst an out there overly confidant, life of the party & bubbly gal, I had parts of me where my self esteem was EXTREMELY low, so low that when I first left school I would only apply for certain jobs based on their uniform (ridiculous I know) HEAVEN forbid I would wear pants or tights (lol look at me now), anything tight on the lower body was a no go. I had extremely bad mental health and body image & saw some quite low/dark days. I stopped myself from so many things, studying nutrition and fitness because 'fat people don't do that.' Going on dates (I'm too fat) going to the beach, the list goes on. It makes me sad looking back because those thoughts are so unhealthy and wrong. I would have even said no to the opportunity of a lifetime going to Bali for work last year if I was still that girl, too fat to be at the pools or the beach or standing next to the other girls etc. I wouldn't wear a bikini, I wouldn't wear shorts, no way I would wear a crop top. I wouldn't have even gone for the job I have now because 'I'm not fit enough' well those self destructing thoughts and beliefs weren't going to get me anywhere let me tell you that.

*DISCLAIMER - the above girl is SOOOOO long gone that I sometimes think WOW that was really me, so if this sounds like you this is where it ends and a new woman is born!

Now its going to sound cliche but it's like a light switch flicked inside me just before my 21st birthday, I had forever been putting my own limits on myself saying I will never, I would never, so many I wouldn't, I cant's... one of those being sky diving. 20 year old me said she NEVER would sky dive, I started to invest in some self help books, even had some counselling, writing out my gratitudes, journaling, reading about training and nutrition, starting turning the I cant's into I cans and I will... deciding that I want to live healthy inside & out, I want longevity and quality of life, I decided to work out because I love my body, & that its time to get out of my comfort zone, so for my 21st birthday I jumped out of an aeroplane and when I hit the ground I feel like a brand new Rhi Rhi (the one most of you know) was here. My life really did positively change a-lot that year and the couple following that. 

Now I'm not saying this has to be you jumping out of aeroplanes, but I'm saying that you determine your reality. Theres no quick fixes, no instant changes, AND IT DEFS DOESNT HAPPEN BY ACCIDENT trust me, another 8 week challenge isn’t it. Been there, done that, got some results and then crashed and burned.

You have to put in the work. You just need to get out of your own way, surround yourself with positive uplifting people (hello PT WITH RHI) & you have to want it yourself. You need to follow a specific plan, eat and train like an athlete. You can do anything you set your mind to, as long as you don't give up! 

I feel good when I eat well and I train hard, specific to me, value driven goal achieving, I changed my life through fitness and I’m here to change yours.

You don’t have to do it the hard way, stop continually starting again and getting frustrated with your lack of results! This is where I come in! Let’s work together, let’s step into your power and be the best version of yourself!

We are stronger together!

I can’t wait to have you a part of the team!

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Much love