Rhi’s cheat sheet to structuring a day of eating

Alright so you’ve learnt about energy balance and macros now it comes down to planning it out (if not read here)

So we want to take a look at a day of eating, say for example you’re eating 1800 cals - 140P 180C 60F

Struggling to get your protein? Common so don’t stress, what we want to do is plan in advance (failing to plan is planning to fail)

Let’s say you’re going to eat 6 meals in a day (you can determine what fits based on your lifestyle)

Divide your protein intake 140 (grams) by 6(meals)

= roughly 24g

This means we will need to plan 24g of protein per meal, now you can play with this (remembering that eating protein carbs and fats together is going to keep you fuller for longer as opposed to eating something quick digesting like a piece of fruit on its own that you may generally decide to eat before a workout to avoid that heavy sluggish feeling) if you want to eat 5 meals with protein and 1 without you would divide 140 by 5 = 28

You get the gist🙃

Do this for each of your macros (divide total carbs by meals you want & total fat by amount of meals you want)

Now you pick a protein source (I’ve listed some below) and use my fitness pal to determine the size

  • Chicken
  • Steak
  • Kangaroo
  • Turkey
  • Protein powder
  • Seafood
  • White fish
  • Oily fish
  • Full fat dairy
  • Tofu
  • Tempeh

Roughly 120g chicken breast will give you 29g protein

You now do the same thing with carbs and fats (don’t forget fibre and veggies for those micronutrients super important - energy, satiety, vitamins and minerals and so forth)

Voilaaaa you’re now a fully fledged planner of your meals 😊✊🏽 happy tracking!! Remember not to get too caught up on carbs and fats this can be personal preference as long as you hit your protein intake and you aren’t below .5g of fat per KG of body weight (this is for hormone function) there isn’t a huge issue.

p,s don't forget about those veggies, we want to eat the rainbow roughly 500g of veggies = your 5 serves of fruit/veg

One of my coaching clients? Use my meal planner template here to plan out your day/week even stick it on the fridge ☀️🙌🏽🦋

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